About Us

Our vision is to feed the world through cellular agriculture.
As a society, we are faced with growing challenges relating to climate change, resource depletion, population growth, and food insecurity. We are concerned about the trajectory of our planet and are passionate about finding solutions to these challenges. As the world population continues to grow, how will food production keep pace with demand? How can geographically diverse households maintain access to a nutritionally adequate food supply? How can food production adequately and equitably adapt to our changing climate and land use patterns? We firmly believe cellular agriculture is the answer to these questions.

Our mission is to unleash the full potential of cellular agriculture.
We are enabling the rapid commercialization of this industry by solving one of its biggest challenges -providing affordable, high quality, customized growth media.

Dr. Matthew

Matt obtained his PhD in cell biology at the University of Alberta. Following his graduate studies, Matt held a postdoctoral position in one of Canada's top tissue engineering labs. He has extensive experience with cell culture, molecular cloning, tissue engineering, and genetics. During his graduate studies, Matt discovered the field of cellular agriculture and was the recipient of a New Harvest seed grant to study the lipid components of fetal bovine serum. While the majority of his academic career has been spent in disease-based research, his passion for science and love of animals has inspired his pursuit of cellular agriculture.


Lejjy is an entrepreneur experienced in systems design, design thinking, product development, and strategy with over 10 years of experience in both private and public enterprises. he has previously started two of his own own businesses and has helped launch multiple apps & websites serving millions of users. He has executed strategy and transformation projects for everything from leading financial institutions to a world class university. He also serves as Board Chair & Treasurer at Cellular Agriculture Canada.


Jalene obtained her MA from the University of Alberta and has worked in many analytical capacities over the past decade. She is a critical thinker with a keen attention to detail and the ability to turn big ideas into action. She has extensive experience in health and social research, project management, stakeholder engagement, and policy planning, implementation and advocacy.

Dr. Chris Fetterly

Dr. Chris Fetterly has a diverse background in lifesciences, nanoscale chemistry, electrical and computer engineering, and in university entrepreneurship programming. Chris’ experience is at the intersection of science and business, having worked with small technology startups and consulting for established firms. Chris has been the recipient of numerous academic awards and is very active in the Edmonton innovation ecosystem. His first experience with alternative protein was growing crickets, and has long held the belief that cellular agriculture is the future of feeding the world’s growing population.

Connor Davis

Connor obtained his BSc in biochemistry at McMaster University. His undergraduate thesis project there focused on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm infections, and how to use bacteriophage as a potential treatment method. While looking into alternative protein sources after a long day of climbing out in Squamish, BC, he stumbled upon cellular agriculture. After quickly understanding the field’s potential for innovative science and environmental/animal welfare benefits, he knew it was an area he needed to get involved with. Connor also volunteers with Cellular Agriculture Canada, where he helps produce social media and newsletter content.

Brittany Fraser

Brittany holds an MSc in molecular biology and genetics from the University of Alberta and has over a decade of experience working in cell biology, immunology, physiology, and neurology. Her expertise is in optimizing complex procedures and project planning of high-throughput experiments. In becoming a scientist, Brittany’s goal was to help make the world a better place. She continues to pursue this goal by contributing to the exciting industry of cellular agriculture.

Dr. Ela Dudek

With an MSc in Biotechnology, a PhD in Biochemistry, and five years experience as a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Ela Dudek is a leading expert in protein biochemistry. She has extensive experience in protein purification and protein analysis. Most recently she was part of the team in charge of GMP protein purification of the HCV vaccine and a protease required for the HCV vaccine's manufacturing process.
After many years in academia, Ela’s curiosity and passion for science and innovation led her to join Future Fields. She is very aware of the problems of our planet and decided to be proactive, enthusiastically joining this new field of cellular agriculture to help make food available and affordable for every person.

Sally Ferrari

Sally is currently completing her BSc with a specialization in Cell Biology at the University of Alberta. She previously obtained a Biological Sciences Technology Diploma from NAIT and worked in a clinical research lab for several years before joining Future Fields. Sally is very passionate about low-waste living, environmentalism and animal welfare. When she isn’t busy in the lab, she can be found volunteering with various organizations around the city.

Laine Lysyk

Laine obtained her M.Sc. in Biochemistry at the University of Alberta where her graduate studies focused on characterizing a mitochondrial intramembrane protease implicated in Parkinson’s disease. She has extensive experience in protein biochemistry and finding creative solutions when working with challenging proteins. Having grown up on an organic farm, Laine holds a personal interest in the agriculture sector and is very excited to bring her technical expertise to the team at Future Fields and the innovative field of cellular agriculture.