Ento-F : FGF2 enriched Growth Media Supplement

Recombinant Bovine

Future Fields Ento-F FGF2 Enriched Growth Media Supplement is an FGF2-enriched aqueous solution that can directly replace FGF2 needs in cell culture. Produced with the EntoEngine™ platform, the supplement comes in a 1000X concentrate, containing enough recombinant bovine FGF2 to sustain cell culture in two and three dimensions with cross species performance equivalent or better than expensive, overpurified alternatives. Ento-F is the most cost effective and sustainable option for cell culture FGF2 needs on the market today.

FGF2 : Growth Factor

Recombinant Bovine

Future Fields Recombinant Bovine FGF2 produced with the EntoEngine™ platform. Fulfills the needs of FGF2 requirements in cell culture across a variety of land-dwelling and aquatic species.

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