Baseline Media & Optimization Platform

FF Baseline Media provides a serum-free, defined and robust medium that can be used for multiple applications, and is designed from the ground up for optimization in Cellular Agriculture. It acts as an ideal starting point for rapid and consistent iterations to achieve the highest possible performance - at disruptive costs.

Sourcing multiple components from scattered suppliers trying to find a scalable solution can be frustrating at best, and fragile in practice. Along with our FF Baseline Media product, our Growth Media Platform allows you to quickly add or remove components with low spin up costs and reduced complexity.

We are currently enrolling customers onto our Optimization Platform for 2020 with a limited number of available slots. If you are looking for an affordable, high volume growth media solution, contact us to get started.

  • Because every cell line is unique, there are many choices along the way to finding a growth media. We are here to help! 
  • We know that a custom formulation is needed for optimal growth. Our process is designed to flex and scale with you and to help you decide the best option.
  • We can help you achieve your vision, no matter what stage you are at. We include step by step details from start to finish.

Always an Easy Way to Start

No matter how early or far along you are in your product or research, we have the ability to help you move faster and massively reduce the complexity and difficulty of scaling up your growth media.

Options One
  • We send you our baseline media, along with starting information, to get a measurement of how it performs to your needs.
  • We can help work out what needs to be adjusted for the formula (basal media, growth factors etc.) with you.
  • We iteratively optimize, until a custom formula is developed.
  • Provide you growth media at increasing volumes, leading up to full scale.
  • You send us the data for your formulation and growth factors.
  • We configure our platform to produce to your requirements.
  • We validate that it is performing as intended.
  • Provide you with your custom growth media at increasing volumes, leading up to full scale.
  • If our baseline growth media already performs as needed, or you do not require a customized formulation yet, we can provide you with a validation sample and scale up from there.