Serum-Free Growth Media

Product Optimization

We are currently enrolling customers in our Product Optimization Program for 2020. If you are looking for an affordable, high volume growth media solution, please contact us!

All streams can lead to full scale production.

Following completion of the program, we can discuss follow-up steps to provide industrial volumes at a mutually agreed upon price per L supplied. 

At this stage, we can provide further support to integrate our growth media into your existing bioreactors and infrastructure to ensure optimal performance of your cells.

Future Fields is dedicated to collaboration, taking risks, and developing bold new ideas. We exist to drive the cellular agriculture industry forward. Let us help bring your vision to life.

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About our product optimization program.

Our product optimization program is structured around three basic streams. However, our approach is very flexible and can be modified to best meet your needs - including the potential for co-design and/or IP sharing agreements.

We are happy to provide a general cost estimate for our service. Note that In order to provide you with specific pricing, we will require an in-depth technical discussion with your team under a non-disclosure agreement.

Please reach out to us for a full description of the what the program offers!