Biomanufacturing Platform

Making cellular agriculture a Reality

We have developed a novel platform for producing bioactive growth factors. These components are essential to supporting robust cell growth in culture and they are the key to reducing the cost of growth media.

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Growth Media & Growth Factor Solutions

Custom Growth Factor production & Growth Factor Cocktails

If you have yet to define the key components that support the growth of your cell line in culture, we can work together to develop a custom formulation. Or choose from our library of in production growth factors.

From startups to Full Scale Operations

If cost, volume, or components for growth media remain difficult for you as part of your operations, we can help.

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The Future of Food

Agriculture for the Future. Today.

We are Future Fields – a group of innovators working to expand the reach of cellular agriculture into accessible consumer products. We create enabling technologies for the production of cellular agriculture products, such as cultivated meat and milk. We do this by providing cost-effective, scalable, and customized growth media products and services to cellular agriculture companies.

Vision, dedication,
and a lot of coffee.

Through the commercialization of cellular agriculture, we aim to shift the demand for traditional agricultural practices to a sustainable level. We envision a future where food can be produced with minimal use of land or animals.

Our talented team is dedicated to making this vision a reality. We exist to push the cellular agriculture industry forward.

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One team, many talents.

Chris Fetterly

Sally Ferrari

Brittany Fraser

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